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Normandy Firefight

June 12, 2012 in WW2

With all the Jubilee based fun last weekend, we had the club put back a week, we had four games going on with another couple of new faces popping in for a look. This week we had Saga, 40K, a 15mm War of the Worlds game and a new 28mm WW2 game.

Normandy Firefight is a set of detailed skirmish rules written by Warwick Kinrade, as written the game is designed for 1/35th scale. As nice an idea as this might be I have loads of 28mm figures all painted and ready.

Luckily the rules include conversions for 28mm and 20mm, which I ignored on the night as it meant mixing inches and centimetres. We used the distances as given which did make movement rather rapid which will need toning down, also the table was supposed to be 4 x 4, but we just filled up what we had. Flipping wall kept falling down.

Playing Mission 1 from the rulebook, the Germans bring three figures on from the far edge, the US three from the near edge, I split the US and attempt an approach from centre and both flanks.

One of the privates advances past the tank disabled the previous day and on towards the enemy. Alas he snatches at his trigger and fires ineffectually, the German is able to return fire and incapacitates the model. And the wall fell over, again.

Over on the right flank, a GI was manoeuvring in to a good firing position. The NCO armed with a Thompson was able to take down a German but later when he tried to hit his opposite number, despite two hits, the German renamed conscious and took him from the game.

My third GI moved in from the right flank and took the remaining German out with a couple of well placed shots from his Garand rifle.

The game was plenty of fun, as with a new game we did things wrong but that is how you learn new rules. We are playing again later this week so hopefully will get the rules right this time.

Lights, Camera, Action

June 9, 2012 in Club Nights

We had special guests tonight, Dan from Wargames Illustrated was down to take photos of our “Death to the Emperor” Zulu game for a future issue. They brought with them a backdrop and some enormous lights.

A game of Dux Britanniarum saw Saxons raiding a church protecting by a Romano British Warlord.

Also being played was Saga and a game of 40K using the new 6th Edition rules featuring a selection of forces including some fabulous models including this excellent Soul Grinder.

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