Wild, Wild West

November 6, 2009 in AAR, Wild West

Just Another Boring Day in Silver Creek
Legends of the Old West

“Silver Creek, a town just like any other town where nothing really happens from day to day”

Well everything was about to change for Sheriff Lee and his lowly paid deputies.

Three days earlier the Sheriff had locked up a drifter by the name of “Roberts” for killing a man over cards in the saloon and whilst he sat guarding him in the towns small jail he waited nervously for the Prison train to arrive so he could give over custody to the US Marshalls that would be on the train.

What had made the Sheriff nervous was that upon “Roberts” arrest he had laid a challenge down for the whole town to hear. “Roberts” would give a reward of $10,000 to anyone who set him free.

The news had spread far and wide and even though for a split second the sheriff had been tempted himself, he knew deep down that trouble was on the way.

All the sheriff wanted was to hand “Roberts” over to the Marshalls.

Turn One saw the arrival of US Marshall – Captain Seeforth and his deputies disembark from the train to pick their prisoner up. (Played by Paul).

Pictures of Silver Creek and Main street where everything was about to erupt.

Enter “Tuco’s” Mexican posse, played by Mark G (too many Mark’s in our club). He was there to rob the bank which he hoped would be unguarded as the Sheriff and his deputies were busy guarding “Roberts”.

At the same time from the far side of town entered yet another Mexican Posse, this time controlled by Dane, who were hell bent on freeing “Roberts” for the reward. No one was going to get in their way.

Tuco and his boys move towards the bank.

Meanwhile the Marshalls begin to walk up Main street towards the jail.

Prospector Pete – wrong place, wrong time.

Dane’s Mexicans move towards the jail.

Tuco’s boys spot the Marshalls and open fire.

All hell is unleashed as both posse’s shoot it out. Caught in the middle are the sheriffs deputies.

As Tuco’s posse begins to take casualties, they are watched from above by yet a further group of down and outs in the form of Stuart’s Mountain men who had also come into town for the reward. Again no one was getting in their way either. Things started to hot up in Silver Creek.

As the fight began to get desperate, with casualties high on both sides, Tuco’s boys closed in for the kill. Another US Marshall bites the dust.

Meanwhile, whilst Tuco and the Marshalls fought it out in Main street, both Dane and Stuart took the opportunity to assault the jail. Mayhem and carnage followed with everyone shooting everyone else. Stuart’s mountain men gained entry to the jail and in a hail of bullets half the sheriffs deputies fell dead.

Meanwhile, on Main Street, Tuco realised he could not get to the bank to rob it so decided to take a poor defenceless female as hostage so that Paul’s Marshalls couldn’t shoot at them.

With both Stuart’s and Danes posses now inside the jail it looked grim for the Sheriff and he surrendered. With both posses positioned to shoot it out inside the jail we were all set for a blood bath.

Who would win and free “Roberts?
Would Tuco escape the Marshalls?
Would the Sheriff ever be released from his own cells?
Whoever said nothing ever happens in Silver Creek?

More to follow soon.

Thanks to Stuart, Paul, Dane and Mark G for making it a good evenings entertainment.

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