Starship Troopers Campaign – Round 1 – Beachhead.

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Each player represents a squad from the 24th Mobile Infantry “The Wyverns”. You have been recruited following Sky Marshals Dienes request for volunteers to combat the Arachnid treat.

The campaign begins in orbit around Alpha Fennell one of the outer colonies, SICON has identified a concentration of Arachinds, Fleet Orbital bombardments has degraded the bug prescence and it’s now time to put boots on the ground and wipe the bugs off the planet.

MI your orders are to kill anything that has more than 2 legs, push further forward clearing the landing zone to create a perimater and destroying bug central at the far end of the table.

5 Players step forward to clear the beachhead, The Wyvern Warriors and Deacon’s Destroyers take the high ground over looking the battlefield as other elements push through the centre.

Sensors pick up movement to the front of the MI, the sneaky bugs are attempting to tunnel beneath the advancing squads, a couple of well placed rocket rounds are enough to collapse a number of the tunnels, so far so good and no bugs in sight.

The MI press on, Baldwin’s Bastards – Fleet Landing party take the right flank whilst, Nico’s Roughnecks the right and the Luck Devils push straight down the centre supported by Deacon’s Destroyers, the first bugs appear on the table rushing towards the advancing MI.

BB’s secure the high ground, which prompts an immediate bug response with a bug hole breaking to the right and fliers enter the table sweeping down on the Fleet landing party.

It becomes a shooting gallery as all players light up the bugs looking to amass points…..

The Lucky Devils poor fire into the recently discovered bug hole and send a Marauder unit to support Baldwin’s Bastards who between them make short work of several waves of bugs.

Things are really hotting up now, a second bug hole opens up, with the Arachnid ace card – A Tanker Bug !!!!! But a poor initiative throw gives the MI the drop, players rush forward eager to seek the prize of 250 points for downing the beast, Deacon’s Destroyers inflect several hits on it’s harden shell before the Lucky Devils inflict the final blow, the Marauder Unit sriking home with several rockets.

Meanwhile in the rear Cliff Mites rush out of the rock formations only to be beaten back by rifle fire and flame throwers, giving the Wyvern Warriors some valuable points as Deacon’s Destroyers clen up the rest to add to their tally.

Meanwhile Nick’s Roughnecks advance steadily down the table, destroying several waves of bugs and beating off several Hopper attacks. There Rep 5 Pathfinder status being the difference in a number of tight encounters.

As the mission draws to a close, Baldwin’s Bastards have lost a number of troopers and are dragging their fallen comrades from the front line, Nick’s Roughnecks creast the hill but are out of grenade range to destroy bug central, which gives an opportunity for the Lucky Devils to seal the hole and bring the game to a close.

A great first encounter with others players signing up to get in on the action.

The bug’s suffered from a number of poor initiative rolls, which gave them MI the drop on them on several turns, two random holes appeared but when the location was tested for they were both off table.

Let’s see how the MI get on when Mission 2 is rolled out – “Expand the Perimeter”

Starship Troopers Campaign Round 3 – Rescue

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Last Sunday saw the third outing in the Wyvern Wargamers Starship Troopers Campaign and the largest collection of players yet including 4 new players straight out of academy.

Baldwins B*stards, Deacons Destroyers, Wyvern Warriors, Combat Surfer, Dark Revenge, Red Front and The Verminators all set out looking to deliver death to the bug hordes…. confidence was high with so many players and troops what could possibly go wrong.

The scenario
Though you have fought hard and done well thus far in the invasion, other troopers have not been so lucky, The Arachnid presence is weaker in this area (no doubt due to your efforts) and you have been asked by your seniors to locate the crew of a Viking Landing Craft who which contained a high value indiviual that has crashed in the Bug deployment zone.

Your units must cross the table contact the crashed crew and escort them to the entry point on the table.

Points are awarded for all kills and players are penalised for losses.

The table layout, 6″ foot of hostile desert and rock formations, two bugs holes had been identified by fleet but no bugs had been sighted yet.

Wow with so many players over 3000 points were available to the Federation and they took them all. Walkers, Power Armoured Troopers and buggies, even the press were on the scene.


Players jockeyed for position all looking to be the first to shoot and kill themsleves a bug, however the bugs had other plans, they had learnt from other encounters and nothing was showing above ground and as the MI advanced into the arachnid zone no bugs were to be seen, it was damned quiet.

The Baldwin’s B*stards reached the first ridge supported by the Verminators Chickhawk and are ambushed by Cliff Mites who emerge from the rock formations catching the troopers cold, however the Cliff Mites lacked the power and armour of their larger warrior breathern and are soon pushed back with limited casaulties on the MI side.
The MI looked at one another the bugs (ok me….) were being bloody sneaky…..


The Bugs win the initiative and multiple units move to engage the human invaders. They spew forth from the known bug holes, blips are picked up on the scanners showing underground movement moving swiftly towards the MI lines and fliers swoop in from the left flank…..

The advancing buggies beat a hasty retreat towards their own lines as the first bug units races after them across the table.

The anchorman for the Federation Press gets his own exclusive interview with the bugs as the Fliers swoop in attacking the unit closest to the table edge its a swift and bloody affair with bugs scattering the advancing MI and inflicting several casaulties on the Wyvern Warriors.


With several men down the MI are faced with having to rescue their fallen comrades and defend against the advancing bugs. All units are engaged driving back the advancing bugs.

The high ground is secured and cleared of Cliff Mites allowing the Federation forces to pour fire on to the advancing bugs, however the bugs countered this by launching another assault from a hidden bug hole catching the Verminators and Deacons Destroyers in hand to hand, Baldwin’s B8stards look on unable to fire until fired upon.

Things look desperate for the Verminators and Deacons Destroyers who are caught with Bugs to the front and rear both squads lose several men before beating off the bug onslaught.

On the left flank swift progress is being made, several rounds on low activiation for the bugs allowed the MI to seal a bug hole and push forward sweeping all before them, Dark Revenge and the Red Front rake up several wins killing the bugs at distance.

One hole down Dark revenge venture too close to the remaining bug hole and are attacked by a fresh unit of bugs, Dark Revenge suffer numerous casaulties before the bug threat is surpressed.

As the clock ticks down, more bugs appear on the table including a Tanker bug, it shuggs off a number of rockets from Baldwin’s B*stards and the Combat Surfers the route of advance is most definately blocked, there will be no rescue today……

The MI fall back to their start lines…. Game Over.

The scores after Round 3 are as follows….

Baldwin’s B*stards continue to lead the way on the route to Sky Marshall, another blooding for the Wyvern Warriors, the new recruits gave a good account of themselves, things are hotting up, lets see what happens in Round 4.

Sunday 4th August

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Tonight’s club saw an Infinity game set in a ruined city, Haqqislam face Yu we continue to learn the rules.

Grey Knights and Orks fight in a 40K game.

The Millenium Falcon gets a scrape from flying too close to the asteroids.

Operation Market Larden

June 9, 2013 in Club Nights

Yesterday was Operation Market Larden! A day of gaming with the Toofatlardies presented by our club. Over 30 gamers along with Rich Clarke of TFL fame, played various games during the day and then finished if off with a curry and beer.

In this game, by club member Paul, British forces challenge French infantry for supply wagons in Sharp Practice.

An IABSM game based on a historical action, presented by another club member Ade.

The very popular Chain of Command demo run by Rich Clarke, This game was very popular and will doubtlessly get played at the club once it is released later this summer.

Nick Hawkins brought his ‘Diesel Punk’ air combat game which is being developed as part of the Lard Approved scheme.

Another possible Lard Approved game Tin Star by Geoff Bond.

Nick Overland presented I Ain’t Been Nuked Mum, his cold war adaptation of IABSM for the cold war.

Stuart and Mark, fellow Wyvern members put on a Russo Japanese war game using the Mud and Blood rules.

There was also a Dux Britaniarium demo table who saw some Saxons getting a brutal thrashing – some things don’t change.

Wyvern Wargamers on the road

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In the last couple of months, club members have run games at the WMMS show in Wolverhampton and at Salute in London Docklands. The games were put on in conjunction with Kallistra who produce the Hexon terrain system as well as a number of figure ranges.

At Wolverhampton the game was a Dark Age battle between Britons and Saxons, we were very pleased to receive 3rd place in the “Best Display Game” category.

More recently this Saturday, members were up in the middle of the night to travel down to London Docklands, the home of the Excel centre. Arriving on site before 8am gave us plenty of time to set up our two games and do a bit of sneaky shopping before the doors open and the public arrive.

We played through the Dark Age game again as well as a fantasy game and had a great time chatting to the public about the rules, figures and terrain. A very long day left us all tired but we all agreed, a great day out.

Saga Tournament 2013

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Last weekend was our 2nd Saga Tournament, 28 players playing 4, 90 minute 6 point games. Thanks as last time to our friends at Gripping Beast for providing prize support.

Overall winner of the day was our very own John Phillips Jr.

All the players in front of our great new club banner.

Some stats from Chris our Tournament Organiser.

Once again, to all those that attended this event, thank you for making the day a very enjoyable time.
As 56 games were played during the day, the statistics of the event may be of interest to some of you. And here they are….

The Factions used:
Vikings 6 players
Anglo Saxons 5 players
Irish 3 players
Anglo-Dane 3 players
Scots 3 players
Welsh 2 players
Norse Gaels 2 players
Jomsvikings 2 players
Strathclyde Welsh 1 player
Normans 1 player

No faction type dominated the Wining positions. For example the top 5 were…

1st – Irish
2nd – Normans
3rd – Vikings
4th – Welsh
5th – Norse Gaels

The scenarios: With 28 players, each of the scenario’s was played 14 times with the following results:

Clash of Warlords: Victory points ranged from 3 to 34 with an average of 17.7
In 7 games a Warlord was killed and in 7 games no warlord was killed.

The Escort: Victory points ranged from 10 to 37 with an average of 23.7
The defender scored more points in 5 games. The attacker scored more points in 8 games.
In 4 games more baggage was escorted successfully by the defender than destroyed.
In 8 games more baggage was destroyed by the attacker than escorted off the table.
Note: As the games in the tournament were time limited, the defender was not able to hold back the baggage till he had destroyed the attacker using the benefit of SAGA dice generated by baggage.

Battle at the Ford: Victory points ranged from 0 to 31 with an average of 11.6

Homeland: Victory points ranged from 6 to 35 with an average of 20.9
The defender scored more points in 11 games. The attacker scored more points in 3 games.
In 6 games the attacker failed to clear any buildings.
In 6 games the attacker cleared 1 building.
In 1 game the attacker cleared 2 buildings.
– See more at:

February 17th

February 18, 2013 in Club Nights

Another good turn out for the club, while we finished off our preparations for next weekends Saga tournament, we saw more Saga, Warhammer 40k, Malifaux, Rules of Engagement WW2 Pacific  and Muskets and Tomahawks.

Come and see at WMMS 2013, Aldersley Leisure Village, Wolverhampton – March 10th 2013. Full details can be found at

Wyvern in Wargames Illustrated!

February 5, 2013 in Club Nights

At last Wargames Illustrated have published the article on the “Death of the Prince”, along with the forthcoming Saga tournament, this is great publicity for the club. Pop to WHSmiths and buy yours now!

No bad weather got in the way of our club night this week, we had a bumper turnout with seven games, some new and returning faces. Games this week including Warhammer, Warmachine / Hordes, Saga, Rules of Engagement, Squad Leader and the club début of Muskets and Tomahawks.

British Vs Germans in Rules of Engagement WW2 action

French and their Indian allies fend off the British in America

15mm Boxer Rebellion

December 22, 2012 in AAR, Club Nights, Colonials

The run up to Christmas so what better way to spread harmony than to pit multiple players against one another in a race to save face and claim
their stake in the Chinese Market.
Sunday night saw the Wyvern Wargamers put on a 5 man participation game set at the height of the Boxer Rebellion.

Seymour was on his way back from his attempt to relieve Peking, with the rail line destroyed he is forced to turn back to the coast, the Boxers had
never really threatened his command but the amount of wounded and lack of provisions was making the march very arduous.

“During the night in a thunder storm Seymour lost contact with the Boxer forces. His column approaching a swollen river his scouts indicate that there are three possible crossing points. It’s unclear which route the bulk of the Boxer forces took perhaps even crossing at all three
points. If he is to protect is wounded, flanks and rear he must ensure he maintains in contact with the withdrawing Boxer elements ”

The game is played out using Mud & Blood from the Too Fat Lardies, the Big man and Support desk is divided into 3 piles, players decide which pile to allocate to which cross point, the Chinese Imperial Army and Boxers allocate to defend and the Allies to attack.
Whilst the devious umpire rolls to see which crossing will be played out on table….
Crossing two is picked, the Boxers are allowed to deploy as blinds and hidden within the terrain, they await the crossing of the allies, we added in an additional rally card for the Boxers and made them aggressive, due to their lack of firepower and the need to close.
The Chinese Army moved in from the edge of the table also on blinds.
Fortunately Crossing two for both sides contained several strong units which moved the encounter on at pace.
Both sides had chosen well, the Boxers had selected several armed bands and their only Artillery section, whilst the Allies had selected the cream of the Allies forces with US Marines and British Regulars, together with a detachment of mounted lancers….

Boxer Artillery deploy for action, these have not been out of the box for a few years and that gloss finish really needs dulling down.

A number of turns pass the Allies edge closer to the hinterland, having cleared the river, with limited casualties from the Chinese fire, but they had yet to encounter the Boxer masses, as time wore on they new reinforcements would be arriving from the other crossings.

The Imperial Army show their hand and Artillery and Kansu Braves reveal themselves from the millet.

Boxer pour from the village and the surrounding terrain, bolstered by reinforcements from the 3rd River Crossing, things look bad for Charlton and his boys…
The Boxers close and force the Marines back.

Meanwhile reinforcements from the 1st Crossing point enter into the outskirts of the near by town, catching the Imperial Army cold, brisk firefight takes place and the Imperial Army is ejected from the town, thanks to a valiant charge by the Royal Marines supported by French Sailors.

The Imperial Army turn their guns and pour fire into the Allied defenders as more Chinese regulars enter the table to bolster the Chinese defence.

Mean while south the Column is bolstered by Russian and Austrian Sailors who try again to force the river crossing, inflicting heavy casualties on the Boxer defenders, but they have too much ground to make up if they are to link up with the French in the town.

As the evening draws to a close the Allies have a foot hold in Northern bank of the river, but Chinese Regulars and Boxers are thinning the Allies with several big men wounded or carried from the field.

As is the case with many encounters if only we had another couple of moves…..

The following forces were initially available split between three crossing points.
The first crossing point was 1D6 turns away, whilst the second 2D6 turns away to give both sides the chance of bolstering their forces.  

7 Big men
10 Units of Infantry (10-16 men) Aggressive
2 Jingels
1 Section of Artillery.

Chinese Army
Hesitiant Command and poor shots.

4 Big men
4 Infantry Units
2 Sections of Artillery

1 Big Man per Unit
All Allied units are 1 experience level above the Chinese forces.
Detachments included.
French Sailors.
Austrian Sailors
Russian Sailors
Italian Sailors
French Marines
US Marines
Royal Marines
British Infantry
1 Artillery Section
1 MG Section
1 Lancer Detachment

Full House – 2nd December

December 4, 2012 in Club Nights

We had a full house tonight and another new member, welcome Seb.

We saw the new factions for Saga get a run out whilst some other club members had their first run through a Saga game, a large 28mm ACW took up one side of the room whilst we had two games of Warmachine and two games of Warhammer Fantasy. Seven games in total. Coming next club a multi player Boxer Rebellion game.

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