The Battle of Powick Bridge 1938 style

October 28, 2012 in VBCW

Harry Doyle smiled as he released the carrier pigeon into the evening sky,  reinforcements were on there way, after the recent set back at Park Royal the Leader of the Severn Riverside Wharf Labours Federation had received word that a flying column of Gloucester dockers were on route via upton.

Was the tide turning in favour of the forces of the left.?

The plan was a simple one seize the Bridge at Powick opening up access to the city from the West.




The main road bridge was well defended but the old Bridge of the1st civil war fame, was less so with only a single bunker  guarding the approach, the Socialists were also made aware by a local angler of a crossing at the weir and salmon tanks, which had been over looked by the Fascists, allowing the dockers to cross the Teme to flank the BUF positions.



Top Left the Old Powick Bridge and Power station, the Weir crossing can be seen to the right.





Dawn on the 7th under the cover of a low lying mist to protect them from the defenders of the road bridge the dockers advance on a board front pushing down the road to Powick Bridge and across ham hill towards the River Teme.



We used the Too Fat Lardies Mud & Blood Rules, with a couple of card tweaks to add to the 1938 flavour, The BUF defenders were forced to start within 10inches of the Power Station and Bridge, all BUF defenders started the game on blinds or hidden in the terrain.

The dockers must exit the bulk of their forces off the southern table edge.



Opening moves and the BUF push forward their armoured car to cover the bridge and the approaches to the the Bridge from the Malvern Road.


The dockers enter the table to armoured cars and several sections of infantry, the Socialist opt not to enter on blinds to give them the opportunity to  fire on to the bridge defenders.



A Fascist  blind rushes to the weir realizing that they have left their flank exposed, socialist blinks can be seen in the background sweeping down from Ham Hill.



The dockers reach the Vernon Arms (a wool shop in this encounter) and skirt around the rear to avoid the harassing fire from the BUF pill box, meanwhile a good turn of cards has pushed a second section into the enclosures to the right of the Pill box.


At the Weir the Socialist blinds cross the river, whilst a BUF Blind takes up a postion in the meadow covering the crossing.


The end of the turn and both players unmask, the BUF are significantly outnumbered armed only with rifles and close assault weapons, whilst the docks have several lewis guns in their armoury.



The BUF and local Police rush to support the weir defenders knowing that the power station and bridge will compromised if they cannot hold the right flank.


Despite the BUF card coming up first the rifle fire is insufficient to stop the advancing dockers, they move forward and close assault the BUF defenders, despite the fact they held the hedge row, the SMG and pistol armed dockers inflicted sufficient casualties to drive the BUF from the field leaving their Big Man mortally wounded in the mud.



Meanwhile at the bridge the Socialist made their play, bursting from the hedgerow they charged into the BUF defenders who were unable to bring sufficent firepower to bear, unable to retreat the shell shocked defenders surrendered to the forces of the left.



Playing an heroic leader card the fired up communists charged across the bridge hand grenades primed.



 The dockers inflicted sufficient hits on the vehicle to force the crew to bail and flee the table.



The BUF commander attempted to rally the fleeing section in front of the power station but was set upon by the advancing dockers a further fire fight ensued forcing to the BUF to head for the realative safety of the Powick power station.



The BUF on the run, their would be some dark nights in Worcester in the coming weeks unless the government forces to recapture the power station….


A great nights gaming with plenty to keep both sides busy……..

Played in under 3 hours although we could have played for longer if the militia had turned up for the far right.

Saga day, 15th September

September 17, 2012 in Saga

After much preparation we held our Saga tournament on Saturday, we had 22 players and the prizes were kindly donated by Gripping Beast. We had a good mix of players and their armies and fun was had by all.

Alas we were all to busy to take lots of photos during the day, but here’s a shot of our very own Stu, playing against the eventual winner Matt, known as ‘Grasshopper’. We also had a talk from Mike Hobbs, a member of the rules development and playtest team, where we got some insights in to future releases which has got us going through our ‘lead piles’ for suitable miniatures.

Full results can be found on the Saga forum here.

Even the Olympics has to stop for wargaming

August 8, 2012 in AAR, ACW

With the country in thrall to the Olympics and the great efforts of our sportsmen, we all still found time to gather at the Village Hall for an evening of gaming. Tonight we welcomed John and John, who had come down to have some first games of Saga, with our Saga day coming soon we needed no encouragement to put on some games for them to learn the rules. Elsewhere we had Warmachine and another game in our ongoing ACW campaign game.

It had been a little while since we’d played a game in our Sharp Practice ACW campaign so we thought we drag the figures from our boxes and have a game. This was going to be the fifth game in our ongoing campaign, the 79th had been reduced to 73 rank and file, more importantly Captain Cook was still recovering from a wound sustained in the last game.

After rolling up the scenario, Marching, the Confederates rolled and ended up having to march across the table and off for victory. Seemed simple, a few good rolls and it would all be in the bag. In the photo below, the Confederates were moving from left to right and the Union players, Dane and myself, choose to attack from the top.

We knew that the trees would give us plenty of cover, our blinds unhampered by the terrain could advance to the road quickly.

The leading bases of the Texas, had reached the junction, coming off their blind after being spotting by Dane’s zoauves. The zouaves opened fire giving first blood to the Union.

The Union blinds continue to advance, cutting off the Confederates from their exit.

The first groups of the 79th reveal themselves as they prepare to open fire.

The Confederates will be in danger of being enfiladed. The Zouaves fire again.

After some desultory fire from the Texans, the New Yorkers return their fire creating such as black powder cloud that fire from anything but short range becomes near impossible.

Some of the Confederates are driven off routing whilst others take cover behind their countrymen.

During the exchange of fire Burnham is badly wounded and will play no part in the next game.

The remaining Union troops deploy from the blinds cutting the Confederates off from their table edge. The Union enfiladed the rebels and they began to retire to save their numbers for another day.

In the middle of the table the Confederate skirmishers are driven off and the zouaves draw themselves up for a tremendous volley., with the Texans retiring the Union win the game and with it the two victory points. Points are spent to improve leaders and musketry, alas the losing side receive no points to spend to improve their troops.

The next club night is going to be a SAGA practice session.

Is it summer yet?

July 16, 2012 in Uncategorized

We have had quite a wet summer so far, we still managed a good turnout and five games.

Menoth are beaten by Cygnar in a Warmachine game.

Beastmen fight Orcs and Goblins in Warhammer.

Anglo Danes fight Scots in Saga.

In another Saga game, Welsh are beaten by Irish (using the Welsh list).

Once again North fights South in the American Civil War.

Finally Orcs just manage a win against the Iron Dwarfs in Uncharted Seas.

Normandy Firefight

June 12, 2012 in WW2

With all the Jubilee based fun last weekend, we had the club put back a week, we had four games going on with another couple of new faces popping in for a look. This week we had Saga, 40K, a 15mm War of the Worlds game and a new 28mm WW2 game.

Normandy Firefight is a set of detailed skirmish rules written by Warwick Kinrade, as written the game is designed for 1/35th scale. As nice an idea as this might be I have loads of 28mm figures all painted and ready.

Luckily the rules include conversions for 28mm and 20mm, which I ignored on the night as it meant mixing inches and centimetres. We used the distances as given which did make movement rather rapid which will need toning down, also the table was supposed to be 4 x 4, but we just filled up what we had. Flipping wall kept falling down.

Playing Mission 1 from the rulebook, the Germans bring three figures on from the far edge, the US three from the near edge, I split the US and attempt an approach from centre and both flanks.

One of the privates advances past the tank disabled the previous day and on towards the enemy. Alas he snatches at his trigger and fires ineffectually, the German is able to return fire and incapacitates the model. And the wall fell over, again.

Over on the right flank, a GI was manoeuvring in to a good firing position. The NCO armed with a Thompson was able to take down a German but later when he tried to hit his opposite number, despite two hits, the German renamed conscious and took him from the game.

My third GI moved in from the right flank and took the remaining German out with a couple of well placed shots from his Garand rifle.

The game was plenty of fun, as with a new game we did things wrong but that is how you learn new rules. We are playing again later this week so hopefully will get the rules right this time.

Lights, Camera, Action

June 9, 2012 in Club Nights

We had special guests tonight, Dan from Wargames Illustrated was down to take photos of our “Death to the Emperor” Zulu game for a future issue. They brought with them a backdrop and some enormous lights.

A game of Dux Britanniarum saw Saxons raiding a church protecting by a Romano British Warlord.

Also being played was Saga and a game of 40K using the new 6th Edition rules featuring a selection of forces including some fabulous models including this excellent Soul Grinder.

Lord of the Rings – Goblin Raid

May 20, 2012 in Fantasy, LOTR

Sunday Night – Club Night, the new website is starting to bear fruit and we welcomed 4 new guy’s to the club.
As part of a future project I wanted to give Lord of the Rings rules a try, despite being a gamer for over 20 years I had never played them and was looking for a set of skirmish rules that could accommodate plenty of figures, with heroes and leaders – more of that in future posts.
Thanks to Dane for the lend of the figures.
The scenario was a simple one, a homestead in the hinterland was attacked by a Goblin and Orc war band with a view to stealing the sheep herd….. the valiant defenders had to hold on and protect their live stock.
The farm and surrounding countryside before the Goblin horde descend.
The defenders rush to the southern tree line as the Green mass attack, archery fire proved to be in effective, resulting in very few casualties on both sides, the troll can be seen at the bottom right, which was to cause so many problems.


 To the North Orc’s skirt the walled compound looking to gain entry to the farm.

  The good guy’s are no match for the size and bulk of the troll.

In the center of the village the Rohan engage the Orc’s. The Captain of the guard killed several of the Orc attackers but they were unable to stem the tide and stop the Orc’s breaking into the village.

  With the defenders pinned by Goblins to the South and Orc’s to the North the troll was free to pick up the flock and wander off unmolested.

The rules flowed really well, but will need a few tweaks to fit with the project I have in mind, all in all a good evenings entertainment.

Extra club night – 29th April

May 6, 2012 in Club Nights

The local brownie group had the hall booked over the bank holiday weekend, so we moved our night forward a week to accommodate – it would be easier than explaining to 8 year old girls why we played with soldiers.

Stuart, Dane and Mark continue the Napoleonic action between the Turks and Russians.

Chris and Andy brought their newly painted Napoleonics for another FoG game.

In the back room, a motley crew played ‘Small World’, a great board game (cheers to Ade for bringing it along), we must play more board games – a large Memoir 44 is being planned. I sneaked in a win too – result.

Carl brought his considerable ACW collection along for a game of ‘Bull Run to Gettyburg’.

A Norman 3 Way …… Saga AAR

May 2, 2012 in Saga

Sunday night saw our first serious venture into Saga and what a fun night was had by all. It was my first game and I found the rules easy to follow and the turns flowed easily. I think I shall be amassing a Welsh army soon.
3 club games followed by a 4 player encounter with each player out for themselves.Warbands were called to Battle from Anglo-Danes, 2 Vikings and Norman’s.
No one wants to go first, I hedge my bets and had straight for the centre of the table, careful not to appear to be advancing towards anyone, even then my placement of Levy Archers appears to worry the Anglo-Danes to my right.
The Vikings opposite me break first and advance towards the Normans in the top Left corner.

With the rallying call we all head for the Norman’s keen to pick up the scraps left behind once the two combatants have weakened themselves.

View from the Norman corner, Pauls knights are knocking chunks out of the Vikings until the Viking Leader charges in, wiping out the Knights and killing the Norman leader.

As the games closes, Normans are down to a few weak Warrior and Levy units, the Vikings and Danes are involved in a titanic struggle in the centre of the field, meanwhile my Vikings are largely untouched but have very little points to show for it, killing a bunch of Norman Archers…

Victory to Mark’s Vikings out stripping all of us, in terms of kills.

A cracking night in the Vale….

Sharp Practice – Putain’s Patrol.

April 15, 2012 in Napoleonic, Ottoman Turk, Sharp Practice

Sunday night saw another outing for Kaptain Putain of the Imperial Russian Army and their war against the Turk, following the success of the first engagement,

Putain is sent on a dangerous mission by Colonel Goransty to scout the land to the west of El Hamid seeking out the Turk and tracking down Padre Borganski who had gone missing and with him the ancient relic of St Peter. The scenario was generated using Platoon Forward – The Patrol Scenario.

I had to be honest when the dice rolled I was encouraged by the table layout, Borganski was hidden in the centre of the table with a reasonable amount of terrain around the table.


The Russian’s were to enter the table and pass through all nine sectors hunting down the padre, the Ottoman’s were to appear in one of two places, only one would be real.


Padre Borganski lies injured in the shade of an olive tree, his ankle broken.


The Ottoman’s are revealed and some great rolls mean’s that the Ottoman’s are all musket armed, surely a chance to deal a blow to the Russian Invaders. The Janissaries are newly painted which is a little worrying… The curse of freshly painted figures.


The Russian’s release the first volley inflicting shock on the Turkish line, as the Ottoman big man card comes up, a movement event forces a goat herd to break free from their herder and head towards the Turkish lines. I can’t stand stand up to the Russian volley’s and seek shelter of the Ottoman hovel.


The Russian’s secure the Padre and push the Ottoman’s back further, another victory for Kaptain Putain…..


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