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Even the Olympics has to stop for wargaming

August 8, 2012 in AAR, ACW

With the country in thrall to the Olympics and the great efforts of our sportsmen, we all still found time to gather at the Village Hall for an evening of gaming. Tonight we welcomed John and John, who had come down to have some first games of Saga, with our Saga day coming soon we needed no encouragement to put on some games for them to learn the rules. Elsewhere we had Warmachine and another game in our ongoing ACW campaign game.

It had been a little while since we’d played a game in our Sharp Practice ACW campaign so we thought we drag the figures from our boxes and have a game. This was going to be the fifth game in our ongoing campaign, the 79th had been reduced to 73 rank and file, more importantly Captain Cook was still recovering from a wound sustained in the last game.

After rolling up the scenario, Marching, the Confederates rolled and ended up having to march across the table and off for victory. Seemed simple, a few good rolls and it would all be in the bag. In the photo below, the Confederates were moving from left to right and the Union players, Dane and myself, choose to attack from the top.

We knew that the trees would give us plenty of cover, our blinds unhampered by the terrain could advance to the road quickly.

The leading bases of the Texas, had reached the junction, coming off their blind after being spotting by Dane’s zoauves. The zouaves opened fire giving first blood to the Union.

The Union blinds continue to advance, cutting off the Confederates from their exit.

The first groups of the 79th reveal themselves as they prepare to open fire.

The Confederates will be in danger of being enfiladed. The Zouaves fire again.

After some desultory fire from the Texans, the New Yorkers return their fire creating such as black powder cloud that fire from anything but short range becomes near impossible.

Some of the Confederates are driven off routing whilst others take cover behind their countrymen.

During the exchange of fire Burnham is badly wounded and will play no part in the next game.

The remaining Union troops deploy from the blinds cutting the Confederates off from their table edge. The Union enfiladed the rebels and they began to retire to save their numbers for another day.

In the middle of the table the Confederate skirmishers are driven off and the zouaves draw themselves up for a tremendous volley., with the Texans retiring the Union win the game and with it the two victory points. Points are spent to improve leaders and musketry, alas the losing side receive no points to spend to improve their troops.

The next club night is going to be a SAGA practice session.

ACW – Opening Shots..

April 9, 2011 in AAR, ACW, Sharp Practice

<div><div><div align=”justify”>Following on from our “Terrible Sharp Sword” game at the last club, we kicked off our narrative campaign last week. Paul’s &amp; Dane’s Union forces launched an unprovoked attack on the peace loving Southern States sending Coy I, 76th New York Regiment on the offensive. All that stood in the way was elements of the 5th Texas Infantry and 4th Texas Cavalry.

Using Scenario Two in the rulebook “Marching” sees one force trying to move across the table whilst the other is patrolling the area and unaware of their opponents position. The Union troops entered the table on the road whilst the Confederates entered from the road on the right hand side as seen from the photo below.

<a href=”;current=P1020441.jpg” target=”_blank”><img alt=”Photobucket” border=”0″ height=”650″ src=”” style=”height: 315px; width: 430px;” width=”430″ /></a>

The Table for the “Marching” Scenario

<a href=”;current=P1020443.jpg” target=”_blank”><img alt=”Photobucket” border=”0″ height=”315″ src=”” width=”430″ /></a>

The Union forces enter the table with Cavalry to their front and the Infantry on blinds.

<a href=”;current=P1020446.jpg” target=”_blank”><img alt=”Photobucket” border=”0″ height=”315″ src=”” style=”height: 315px; width: 430px;” width=”430″ /></a>

Union Cavalry come off Blinds and into sight, Southern Forces can be seen to their front deploying in the maize field.

<a href=”;current=P1020444.jpg” target=”_blank”><img alt=”Photobucket” border=”0″ height=”315″ src=”” width=”430″ /></a>

The Confederate Infantry loose off a volley.

<a href=”;current=P1020448.jpg” target=”_blank”><img alt=”Photobucket” border=”0″ height=”315″ src=”” width=”430″ /></a>

Close up of the Confederate Lines as they poor fire into the Union Cavalry. Capt J C Rogers orders the line of G Coy The Milan County Greys.

<a href=”;current=P1020445.jpg” target=”_blank”><img alt=”Photobucket” border=”0″ height=”315″ src=”” style=”height: 315px; width: 430px;” width=”430″ /></a>

Close up of Buckholts Cavalry Troop as they dismount and fire into the approaching Union Cavalry.

<a href=”;current=P1020450.jpg” target=”_blank”><img alt=”Photobucket” border=”0″ height=”315″ src=”” width=”430″ /></a>

The 4th Texas Cavalry, Company E – Milan County Guards under Lt Charles Buckholts deploy amongst the tree line to slow the Union Advance as Union Infantry deploy to their left flank.

<a href=”;current=P1020452.jpg” target=”_blank”><img alt=”Photobucket” border=”0″ height=”315″ src=”” width=”430″ /></a>

Coy I of the 76th NY Regiment deploy on the slope and advance towards the Southern Lines. Whilst taking a number of casualties from the Southern Cavalry. Their opening Salvo was enough to inflict sufficient shock on the cavalry to force them from the table. Facing such a concentrated force and seeing the cavalry retire. The 5th Texas withdraw from the table to seek better ground to stand and fight.</div><div align=”justify”></div><div align=”justify”>A great evening opening game and a number of learns for both commanders.</div></div></div>

March 20th, FoW and ACW

March 22, 2011 in AAR, ACW, Flames of War, Sharp Practice

A full house this week saw a good selection of games. Whilst 40K continues its run of games with 3 games this week, Wood Elves fought an all goblin army in Warhammer Fantasy Battle, on a historical front we had 15mm WW2 with Flames of War, WW1 Naval and 28mm ACW.

Andy and Chris played Flames of War and Chris gives us a quick battle report.

“The German force (Andy) had to hold the line against a determined British offensive (Chris C.) The British player starts with all 8 platoons on table while the Germans only had 3 initially, so a quick forward push while the Germans were weak was all that was needed. However, the British attempt was fool hardy and easily beaten off by the German AT platoon. The British lost their M10 platoon on the first turn and the Wasp Carrier platoon on the second turn. On the third turn the German reserves started to appear and it was all over before it started. Not a good day for the British and revenge for last week when the British were victorious over Andy’s German Panzer force.”

Over on another table, we put together a run through of the Terrible Sharp Sword rules for ACW. We did make some mistakes with the rules which we have ironed out for the next club.

Initially all the troops were represented on blinds, Union by cards and the Confederates in terrain. In the photo below we see the Union troops spreading out whilst some head up the road towards the bridge.

Confederate dismounted cavalry successfully spot advancing groups of Union troops and open fire from behind the cover of the tree line. They also manage to spot the advancing Zouaves forcing them off their blind.

Again the cavalry opened fire but disaster strikes as they roll more 1s than 6s causing a random event – in this case excess smoke builds up in front of the firer.

Union dismounted cavalry take advantage of their Sharps rifle to pore shots across the river towards their foe.

The union “big men” manage to combine groups and advance.

Confederate troops behind the tree line.

The Zoauves reach the bridge.

At this point we bring the game to a close, realising we all opened fire to soon, holding for the first volley is worth doing and shouldn’t be frittered away firing at long range. We also made a really stupid error with the rules which is far too embarrassing to reveal, none the less we are playing again next club.

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