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Operation Market Larden

June 9, 2013 in Club Nights

Yesterday was Operation Market Larden! A day of gaming with the Toofatlardies presented by our club. Over 30 gamers along with Rich Clarke of TFL fame, played various games during the day and then finished if off with a curry and beer.

In this game, by club member Paul, British forces challenge French infantry for supply wagons in Sharp Practice.

An IABSM game based on a historical action, presented by another club member Ade.

The very popular Chain of Command demo run by Rich Clarke, This game was very popular and will doubtlessly get played at the club once it is released later this summer.

Nick Hawkins brought his ‘Diesel Punk’ air combat game which is being developed as part of the Lard Approved scheme.

Another possible Lard Approved game Tin Star by Geoff Bond.

Nick Overland presented I Ain’t Been Nuked Mum, his cold war adaptation of IABSM for the cold war.

Stuart and Mark, fellow Wyvern members put on a Russo Japanese war game using the Mud and Blood rules.

There was also a Dux Britaniarium demo table who saw some Saxons getting a brutal thrashing – some things don’t change.

February 17th

February 18, 2013 in Club Nights

Another good turn out for the club, while we finished off our preparations for next weekends Saga tournament, we saw more Saga, Warhammer 40k, Malifaux, Rules of Engagement WW2 Pacific  and Muskets and Tomahawks.

Come and see at WMMS 2013, Aldersley Leisure Village, Wolverhampton – March 10th 2013. Full details can be found at

Wyvern in Wargames Illustrated!

February 5, 2013 in Club Nights

At last Wargames Illustrated have published the article on the “Death of the Prince”, along with the forthcoming Saga tournament, this is great publicity for the club. Pop to WHSmiths and buy yours now!

No bad weather got in the way of our club night this week, we had a bumper turnout with seven games, some new and returning faces. Games this week including Warhammer, Warmachine / Hordes, Saga, Rules of Engagement, Squad Leader and the club début of Muskets and Tomahawks.

British Vs Germans in Rules of Engagement WW2 action

French and their Indian allies fend off the British in America

15mm Boxer Rebellion

December 22, 2012 in AAR, Club Nights, Colonials

The run up to Christmas so what better way to spread harmony than to pit multiple players against one another in a race to save face and claim
their stake in the Chinese Market.
Sunday night saw the Wyvern Wargamers put on a 5 man participation game set at the height of the Boxer Rebellion.

Seymour was on his way back from his attempt to relieve Peking, with the rail line destroyed he is forced to turn back to the coast, the Boxers had
never really threatened his command but the amount of wounded and lack of provisions was making the march very arduous.

“During the night in a thunder storm Seymour lost contact with the Boxer forces. His column approaching a swollen river his scouts indicate that there are three possible crossing points. It’s unclear which route the bulk of the Boxer forces took perhaps even crossing at all three
points. If he is to protect is wounded, flanks and rear he must ensure he maintains in contact with the withdrawing Boxer elements ”

The game is played out using Mud & Blood from the Too Fat Lardies, the Big man and Support desk is divided into 3 piles, players decide which pile to allocate to which cross point, the Chinese Imperial Army and Boxers allocate to defend and the Allies to attack.
Whilst the devious umpire rolls to see which crossing will be played out on table….
Crossing two is picked, the Boxers are allowed to deploy as blinds and hidden within the terrain, they await the crossing of the allies, we added in an additional rally card for the Boxers and made them aggressive, due to their lack of firepower and the need to close.
The Chinese Army moved in from the edge of the table also on blinds.
Fortunately Crossing two for both sides contained several strong units which moved the encounter on at pace.
Both sides had chosen well, the Boxers had selected several armed bands and their only Artillery section, whilst the Allies had selected the cream of the Allies forces with US Marines and British Regulars, together with a detachment of mounted lancers….

Boxer Artillery deploy for action, these have not been out of the box for a few years and that gloss finish really needs dulling down.

A number of turns pass the Allies edge closer to the hinterland, having cleared the river, with limited casualties from the Chinese fire, but they had yet to encounter the Boxer masses, as time wore on they new reinforcements would be arriving from the other crossings.

The Imperial Army show their hand and Artillery and Kansu Braves reveal themselves from the millet.

Boxer pour from the village and the surrounding terrain, bolstered by reinforcements from the 3rd River Crossing, things look bad for Charlton and his boys…
The Boxers close and force the Marines back.

Meanwhile reinforcements from the 1st Crossing point enter into the outskirts of the near by town, catching the Imperial Army cold, brisk firefight takes place and the Imperial Army is ejected from the town, thanks to a valiant charge by the Royal Marines supported by French Sailors.

The Imperial Army turn their guns and pour fire into the Allied defenders as more Chinese regulars enter the table to bolster the Chinese defence.

Mean while south the Column is bolstered by Russian and Austrian Sailors who try again to force the river crossing, inflicting heavy casualties on the Boxer defenders, but they have too much ground to make up if they are to link up with the French in the town.

As the evening draws to a close the Allies have a foot hold in Northern bank of the river, but Chinese Regulars and Boxers are thinning the Allies with several big men wounded or carried from the field.

As is the case with many encounters if only we had another couple of moves…..

The following forces were initially available split between three crossing points.
The first crossing point was 1D6 turns away, whilst the second 2D6 turns away to give both sides the chance of bolstering their forces.  

7 Big men
10 Units of Infantry (10-16 men) Aggressive
2 Jingels
1 Section of Artillery.

Chinese Army
Hesitiant Command and poor shots.

4 Big men
4 Infantry Units
2 Sections of Artillery

1 Big Man per Unit
All Allied units are 1 experience level above the Chinese forces.
Detachments included.
French Sailors.
Austrian Sailors
Russian Sailors
Italian Sailors
French Marines
US Marines
Royal Marines
British Infantry
1 Artillery Section
1 MG Section
1 Lancer Detachment

Full House – 2nd December

December 4, 2012 in Club Nights

We had a full house tonight and another new member, welcome Seb.

We saw the new factions for Saga get a run out whilst some other club members had their first run through a Saga game, a large 28mm ACW took up one side of the room whilst we had two games of Warmachine and two games of Warhammer Fantasy. Seven games in total. Coming next club a multi player Boxer Rebellion game.

Lights, Camera, Action

June 9, 2012 in Club Nights

We had special guests tonight, Dan from Wargames Illustrated was down to take photos of our “Death to the Emperor” Zulu game for a future issue. They brought with them a backdrop and some enormous lights.

A game of Dux Britanniarum saw Saxons raiding a church protecting by a Romano British Warlord.

Also being played was Saga and a game of 40K using the new 6th Edition rules featuring a selection of forces including some fabulous models including this excellent Soul Grinder.

Extra club night – 29th April

May 6, 2012 in Club Nights

The local brownie group had the hall booked over the bank holiday weekend, so we moved our night forward a week to accommodate – it would be easier than explaining to 8 year old girls why we played with soldiers.

Stuart, Dane and Mark continue the Napoleonic action between the Turks and Russians.

Chris and Andy brought their newly painted Napoleonics for another FoG game.

In the back room, a motley crew played ‘Small World’, a great board game (cheers to Ade for bringing it along), we must play more board games – a large Memoir 44 is being planned. I sneaked in a win too – result.

Carl brought his considerable ACW collection along for a game of ‘Bull Run to Gettyburg’.

January All dayer

January 18, 2011 in AAR, Club Nights, Wild West

We had our recent winter all-dayer on Saturday. We had a mini Warmachine tournament, a large Flames of War game and a multi player Wild West game using Legends of the Old West.

Over to Chris for a quick game report.

To make full use of the all day game session we decided to have a ‘big game’. Both players had 3500 points (twice as much as we have on a club night) and we played on a table twice the size of a normal game. It was 12 ft long.

The game was a standard Late War ‘Encounter’ scenario with the British taking the first turn. The British were soon running for cover however as the German left flank moved forward with Tigers and Jagdpanthers and the German infantry that were concentrated in the centre, moved forward. By mid day the Germans were contesting an objective with two Tiger tanks and the central push of Infantry had cut off British reinforcements from coming to the rescue.

The German player (me) was very confident at this time. But disaster was just round the corner, Both Tigers were eliminated in quick succession by the British heavy artillery and a flanking move by a Cromwell tank platoon and an infantry platoon destroyed the German defenders leaving an objective wide open for them. The Game was over and it was a British victory, well done Carl. A very enjoyable day.


The past two years have been particularly hot and dry along the border with Arizona and Mexico. What once was a fertile land with rivers, streams and watering holes has been replaced with an arid and desolate wilderness. The once thriving settlements along the border have become nothing more than ghost towns.
One such ghost town that has become an interest to you is that of  “DEAD MANS GULCH”.

Talk of a shipment of gold destined for Mexico that belonged to the US Government on it’s way to support the rebellion have surfaced. It is believed that the US Cavalry escorting it were ambushed and slaughtered near to Dead Mans Gulch. Rumours claim there were some survivors and that they buried the gold somewhere in Dead Mans Gulch itself.

Whoever finds the gold would be richer than their wildest dreams.

Having set the scene enter the posses looking to make it rich.

Paul – Dewitts Scalp Hunters

Stu – Cinderella Cattle Company

Dane – Buffalo Soldiers

Steve – Roho’s Renegades (Mexicans- say no more)

Mark G – Apaches

Turn 1.
All posses entered the table from set points having been given a map of where they thought the gold was hidden. Unknown to them each map they each held had different locations on. Searching buildings would also be beneficial as scattered around inside them were the odd gold coins and very discretely positioned was the odd stick of dynamite.

Everyone at first started to search the buildings and stay out of the firing line of everyone else.

All was going well until the Mexicans found a lone cook armed only with a saucepan and some beans who had been sent to search a building for gold coins (Chocolate coins left over from Christmas – don’t tell my kids).

After a couple of turns the cook had killed two Mexicans and was doing a fine job of seeing off the rest.(The Steven Seagal of the Wild West).

Eventually all good things must come to an end and Cookie fell dead at the feet of a whole bunch of very angry Mexicans.

At this point having lost his cook, Stu sent his posse into the deserted sheriffs office. There he found locked away the gold that he had come for. With a well placed stick of dynamite he “Blew the bloody doors off” and exited the building.

This is where it became bloody. As Stu’s cowboys stepped out into the street they were met by a hail of gun fire from Steve’s Mexicans. Thinking it looked fun Paul’s scalp hunters also decided to fire with their buffalo gun sending one of the cowboys flying to the floor.

If that wasn’t enough for poor old Stu, Mark’s Apaches who had remained hidden until this point in an abandoned hotel next to the sheriffs office also saw their chance to shoot at him. Two dead cowboys later and the gold lying in the street, Stu retired to cover to lick his wounds.

The Apaches turned their attention towards the Buffalo soldiers who had until this point quietly entered the bank and removed their gold. As they attempted to leave the table, a battle ensued between the soldiers and the Apaches for the rest of the game.

With Stu licking his wounds, The Scalp hunters turned on the Mexicans. Both began a bloody exchange of fire that quickly went to close combat. The Mexicans took casualties but held on until one of the scalp hunters decided it would be fun to toss a stick of dynamite into their midst killing two outright.The scalp hunters mopped up and killed the remainder Mexicans to the last man. It must be said that we chose not to use the Head to the Hills test for this game.

At the Eleventh hour just when the game was coming to a close, Paul’s scalp hunters leapt into the lead and won the game.

A thoroughly enjoyable days gaming and I believe everyone had a good time due to everyone getting into character.

Watch this space, more on the way soon.


Sunday 5th December

December 5, 2010 in Club Nights

Well, luckily for us the weather hasn’t been too bad in the Vale of Evesham and a little milder weather brought us together for another nights gaming. As ever we have an eclectic mix of games and a mini AGM this evening. Here are a couple of photos from tonight’s games;

As a prelude to the next all dayer, the frontiers of the west are pushed back further in to the wilderness, using the Legends of the Old West rules.

Only to be met by the Apache!

A Flames of War game saw British Infantry face German troops fighting through the bocage of the Normandy countryside.

A Warriors of Chaos army faced Dark Elves in a Warhammer game, these Marauders are particularly nicely painted.

A 15mm Sci-Fi game using the Imperial Commander rules saw burning vehicles all round. Here some NAC infantry sheltered in a copse with the Phalanx transport behind them.

We also had games of Aliens and Memoir 44 to round out a good nights gaming.

1st August 2010

August 2, 2010 in Club Nights

A bumper night 7 games, 2 Flames of War, 2 Warhammer (Eighth Edition!!), Ambush Alley, Lord of the Rings and Great War Naval.

Dane and Mark played LOTR, looks like Mark is winning from this photo, his own fault as Dane should have left the extra Trolls in his box.

Garry moves his insurgents in Ambush Alley, while below Ade moves his US Marines.

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