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The Battle for Hong Kong

September 7, 2009 in 6mm, AAR, Cold War Commander

After having spent what seems to be years assembling my British Forces for Cold War Commander I was finally ready for a game, my opponent for the evening was Stu and his North Koreans masquerading as Chinese.

Heres a long shot showing the whole table, placing terrain can make a big difference in a modern game, too much terrain closing down the battlefield and all the long ranges of modern tank guns and ATGW systems.

The buildings are mixture from Timecast’s South East Asia range and from Irregular Miniatures.

The Paddy Fields would act as water obstacles for the Armour, whilst hedges and walls are linear obstacles requiring elements to end their movement on contact.

This is all you get for 2,500 points.

  • 1 CO
  • 2 HQ
  • 1 FAO in Gazelle
  • 8 Chieftains
  • 8 Regular Infantry platoons
  • 1 81mm mortar
  • 2 GPMG
  • 3 M109 155mm SPGs (off table)
  • 1 Recce Scorpion

The break point for this tiny force was only 9 elements.

The Chinese managed to bring more forces to bare, still only 2,500 points, but the breakpoint was something like 24 elements. The armour was Type 62 (an indigenous design with an 85mm gun). Artillery support was brought on table but failed to find any targets.

Having seized the initiative the Chinese surged forward (and I was regretting playing across the table)closing the gap between faster than I would have liked. This was the first time we had played these rules and completely forgot about opportunity fire!

Luckily for the Chieftains the quality of their gunnery practice played off as the lead Chinese tanks fell the 120mm sabot rounds, destroying five and suppressing two others. The other small formation of Chieftains moves around the left flank in an attempt to neutralise the Chinese Command and Control elements, but in so makes a almost fatal error – they get into the urban areas with no infantry support.

The Gazelle carrying the British Artillery Observer calls down very accurate fire from the M109 155mm guns ( double 1!), with no deviation the Chinese infantry suffer massively. The observer manages 1 more successful fire mission during the game before being driven off table several times by anti aircraft fire.

The second battalion of armour was racing around the other flank where there was no armour to stop them only a weak infantry battalion with no anti tank weapons, hidden in a crop field.

The Chinese prepare to move around the paddy fields,

The British, too far into the town, fail order rolls and fail to get any further.

The Chinese rally their armour elements to face the British, whilst infantry attempt to ‘close assault’ to the armour. Short range Chinese fire suppresses the majority of the Chieftains.

The Chieftain nearest the house manages the repel the Red Infantry using it’s co-ax machine gun to good effect killing the RPG gunners and much of their supporting infantry.

Having driven off one battalion of Chinese armour, the Chieftains switch target to the other Chinese armour destroying three.

Whilst one British armoured detachment was completely suppressed the other, engaging at greater range managed to suppress and destroy enough of their lighter opposition to bring the Chinese to their breakpoint and end the game 25 – 0. The score as ever does not reflect how close I felt it was, as the Chinese got closer their larger numbers came into play but luckily the Chieftains having both more hits and a higher save left them suppressed rather than destroyed on a number of occasions. The Chinese unable to convert the suppressions to fall-backs.

Okay we did a bunch of stuff wrong, both with the rules and tactically, but we both felt the rules worked well and will be having another go at perhaps 4000 points, hopefully getting the rules right.

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