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May 25, 2014 in AAR, Sci-Fi

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April 6, 2014 in Club Nights, Sci-Fi, Starship Troopers

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It’s all a FAD!

August 8, 2011 in Sci-Fi

This week saw more Zulu Action, a battle report can be found here, some 15mm FoW and a 28mm Sci-Fi game played using the Fast and Dirty (FAD) rules which can be downloaded free from the internet.

A small 4′ x 4′ table with plenty of terrain from a variety of manufacturers and some scratch built by Mark.

The table

Copplestone Neo-Sovs face troopers from Pig Iron Productions.

The Neo-Soviets start on the back foot after losing the initiative but find targets plentiful, opening up across the board in a long range fire fight they manage to inflict large casualties on a enemy section.

In the centre, another section probe forward but are forced back by opportunity fire, the Neo-Sov command group return fire pinning their enemy down. On the right flank they continue to probe forward through the ruins.

After exchanging fire, a further couple of casualties are caused, worse yet Mark’s command team suffer casualties, over half his sections are now suffering with their casualties, probing on the left Mark causes casualties on the Soviets.

Despite the enemy fire, the central tanks are climbed and their superior height enabled further fire down in to Marks troops.

The remnants of the Mark’s crippled sections join up but then fail a further morale test causing them to rout off table. At the point we called it a night with a Neo-Soviet victory.


November 2, 2010 in Sci-Fi, Starship Troopers


Sunday Night saw the first outing for the Mobile Infantry and the Arachnids, for me Starship Troopers falls into the category of Zulu, Private Ryan & Last of the Mohican’s, at one stage in the life of your wargaming hobby you just have to try and game it….
Mark had been finishing off his Pig Iron’s Armoured Infantry, whilst I spent the last couple of weeks putting together a bunch of Plastic Arachnids….

Would you like to know more?

The Scenario.
During the Battle of Klendathu a platoon of Mobile Infantry are sent forward to hunt for a missing walker and for evidence of Bug activity in the area, the unit consists of two sections of Infantry and a command elements within an APC.

The table…. The Mobile Infantry will be moving on from Right to Left, they decide on a wide frontage to provide them with the best opportunity to spot the powered down walker.

Moving with Caution through the bush, the MI look for signs of bug activity….

First Section feels the ground tremble as a bug hole opens up just off table and a stream of bugs burst forth heading straight for them. The MI are out numbered 2:1

The bugs up close….

The MI duck back and seek a defensive position in the high ground hoping to thin the charging horde before they get to close.

In the centre of the table a second bug hole opens up right in front of the commanders APC just has he and his command debus, caught in the open the HQ section is able to fight off the lead bugs before diving back into the APC. It was going to be one of those nights for the bugs.

1st Section begins to run low on ammo but have reduced the horde of bugs to one or two, the supporting fire from 2nd Section really helped to stop the wave of bugs (together with some really bad dice by the bug player…)
The retreating APC can be seen in the background with a bug still clinging to the armour plating.

2nd Squad take cover behind a cluster of rocks and throw everything they have at the approaching horde despite a couple of bugs closing with the MI they are able to defeat the assault by the bugs without a single casualty. A job well done by 2nd Squad.

A supporting platoon are ambushed by a further wave of bugs bursting from a bug hole to the right of the MI.

A number of the Squad are killed but their sacrifice buys time for the other squad members to form up and pour fire into their attackers…

With supporting fire from the high ground out of shot the last of the bugs are defeated.

A great nights gaming completed in under 2 hours using the THW rules 5150.

With a further 20 Warrior bugs to paint and a unit of fliers I expect a tougher battle next time for the MI….

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