Darkest Africa – Colonial Playtest.

January 4, 2010 in Colonials

After finishing early one Sunday in November it was decided that we should go for a swift half at the local, well it just goes to show that Wargaming and Beer do not mix as 6 weeks later we have almost 400 Zulu’s to show for our efforts.
The plan is to refight the Battle of Nyezane on our all dayer on the 30th January. We have been asked to play test a new set of rules due to hit the shelves some time in 2010.Without wishing to ruin the big day we opted to replace the Brits with Germans.
Last night gave us an opportunity to play out the rules with a quarter of the Zulu Forces to ensure they gave a good feel for the period and and a result could be achieved on the day.

We opted for a German Naval force with supporting Askari with the objective of destroying the Kraal before the Natives (aka Zulu’s) could stop them.

The German’s and their Native Askari Troops were deployed in the Village and the nearby Mission, they found the village to be empty and they set about destroying the Kraal when a Sole Zulu Warrior was seen on the horizon.

The Germans stood to unsure where the Warriors would attack from.Small bands of warriors burst from the hinterland their small arms fire proved to be ineffectual but they were able to close with one section of German Sailors inflicting a couple of casualties before being driven off.

The Main Tribesman force shielded by the hills drove straight for the mission, upon seeing this the Askari shouldered arms and headed for the kraal to seek support from their comrades.

The Tribesmen swept over the crest of the hill charging into the left flank of the village, the Askari were able to halt the first warrior impi but the second impi closed with the Askari defenders.

As dust approached it looked like the Askari would be left to hold the line as the German Naval units retired from the field.

A great game to test out the full rule set and some important lessons for both sides.
The Colonial forces need to combine their fire to stop the advancing hordes and the Zulu players need to ensure they can combine their weight of numbers so that they can make their numbers count.

25 Days before the Big game….

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