A Norman 3 Way …… Saga AAR

May 2, 2012 in Saga

Sunday night saw our first serious venture into Saga and what a fun night was had by all. It was my first game and I found the rules easy to follow and the turns flowed easily. I think I shall be amassing a Welsh army soon.
3 club games followed by a 4 player encounter with each player out for themselves.Warbands were called to Battle from Anglo-Danes, 2 Vikings and Norman’s.
No one wants to go first, I hedge my bets and had straight for the centre of the table, careful not to appear to be advancing towards anyone, even then my placement of Levy Archers appears to worry the Anglo-Danes to my right.
The Vikings opposite me break first and advance towards the Normans in the top Left corner.

With the rallying call we all head for the Norman’s keen to pick up the scraps left behind once the two combatants have weakened themselves.

View from the Norman corner, Pauls knights are knocking chunks out of the Vikings until the Viking Leader charges in, wiping out the Knights and killing the Norman leader.

As the games closes, Normans are down to a few weak Warrior and Levy units, the Vikings and Danes are involved in a titanic struggle in the centre of the field, meanwhile my Vikings are largely untouched but have very little points to show for it, killing a bunch of Norman Archers…

Victory to Mark’s Vikings out stripping all of us, in terms of kills.

A cracking night in the Vale….

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