It’s all a FAD!

August 8, 2011 in Sci-Fi

This week saw more Zulu Action, a battle report can be found here, some 15mm FoW and a 28mm Sci-Fi game played using the Fast and Dirty (FAD) rules which can be downloaded free from the internet.

A small 4′ x 4′ table with plenty of terrain from a variety of manufacturers and some scratch built by Mark.

The table

Copplestone Neo-Sovs face troopers from Pig Iron Productions.

The Neo-Soviets start on the back foot after losing the initiative but find targets plentiful, opening up across the board in a long range fire fight they manage to inflict large casualties on a enemy section.

In the centre, another section probe forward but are forced back by opportunity fire, the Neo-Sov command group return fire pinning their enemy down. On the right flank they continue to probe forward through the ruins.

After exchanging fire, a further couple of casualties are caused, worse yet Mark’s command team suffer casualties, over half his sections are now suffering with their casualties, probing on the left Mark causes casualties on the Soviets.

Despite the enemy fire, the central tanks are climbed and their superior height enabled further fire down in to Marks troops.

The remnants of the Mark’s crippled sections join up but then fail a further morale test causing them to rout off table. At the point we called it a night with a Neo-Soviet victory.

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