Starship Troopers Campaign – Round 1 – Beachhead.

April 26, 2017 in Uncategorized

Each player represents a squad from the 24th Mobile Infantry “The Wyverns”. You have been recruited following Sky Marshals Dienes request for volunteers to combat the Arachnid treat.

The campaign begins in orbit around Alpha Fennell one of the outer colonies, SICON has identified a concentration of Arachinds, Fleet Orbital bombardments has degraded the bug prescence and it’s now time to put boots on the ground and wipe the bugs off the planet.

MI your orders are to kill anything that has more than 2 legs, push further forward clearing the landing zone to create a perimater and destroying bug central at the far end of the table.

5 Players step forward to clear the beachhead, The Wyvern Warriors and Deacon’s Destroyers take the high ground over looking the battlefield as other elements push through the centre.

Sensors pick up movement to the front of the MI, the sneaky bugs are attempting to tunnel beneath the advancing squads, a couple of well placed rocket rounds are enough to collapse a number of the tunnels, so far so good and no bugs in sight.

The MI press on, Baldwin’s Bastards – Fleet Landing party take the right flank whilst, Nico’s Roughnecks the right and the Luck Devils push straight down the centre supported by Deacon’s Destroyers, the first bugs appear on the table rushing towards the advancing MI.

BB’s secure the high ground, which prompts an immediate bug response with a bug hole breaking to the right and fliers enter the table sweeping down on the Fleet landing party.

It becomes a shooting gallery as all players light up the bugs looking to amass points…..

The Lucky Devils poor fire into the recently discovered bug hole and send a Marauder unit to support Baldwin’s Bastards who between them make short work of several waves of bugs.

Things are really hotting up now, a second bug hole opens up, with the Arachnid ace card – A Tanker Bug !!!!! But a poor initiative throw gives the MI the drop, players rush forward eager to seek the prize of 250 points for downing the beast, Deacon’s Destroyers inflect several hits on it’s harden shell before the Lucky Devils inflict the final blow, the Marauder Unit sriking home with several rockets.

Meanwhile in the rear Cliff Mites rush out of the rock formations only to be beaten back by rifle fire and flame throwers, giving the Wyvern Warriors some valuable points as Deacon’s Destroyers clen up the rest to add to their tally.

Meanwhile Nick’s Roughnecks advance steadily down the table, destroying several waves of bugs and beating off several Hopper attacks. There Rep 5 Pathfinder status being the difference in a number of tight encounters.

As the mission draws to a close, Baldwin’s Bastards have lost a number of troopers and are dragging their fallen comrades from the front line, Nick’s Roughnecks creast the hill but are out of grenade range to destroy bug central, which gives an opportunity for the Lucky Devils to seal the hole and bring the game to a close.

A great first encounter with others players signing up to get in on the action.

The bug’s suffered from a number of poor initiative rolls, which gave them MI the drop on them on several turns, two random holes appeared but when the location was tested for they were both off table.

Let’s see how the MI get on when Mission 2 is rolled out – “Expand the Perimeter”

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