Uncharted Seas 16th August

August 16, 2009 in Uncharted Seas

The game tonight was a classic battle of Good verses Evil, 3 starter fleets a side, Shroud Mages, Orc’s and Dragon Lords verses 2 Elven Fleets and a Dwarf Fleet.

As commander of the Shroud Mages the plan was simple hold the flanks with the Cruisers and Frigates from the Dragon Lords and Orcs leaving the Shroud Mages, Orc and Dragon Lord Battleships to concentrate on the slower moving Dwarf fleet.

As in war the plan changed from the start the Elves had deployed far to the right leaving Mark’s Orcs facing two Elven Fleets……. We knew the Elven Frigates would attempt to push around our right flank so we asked the Orcs to do what they do best head straight for the enemy fleet hoping that this would buy us enough time to pin the Dwarf fleet before swinging right to support the Orc’s.

The wind was in the faces of the elves which slowed them down but even so they were still very fast. Long range fire and some lucky dice pegged back the forces of good but the Elven fleet remained largely intact.

Mark’s Orcs in previous encounters have been pretty tough but they were not prepared for the swift movement of the Elves, the headlong charge brought him under the guns of several cruisers and whilst the Orc Frigates captured an Elven Cruiser they were under real pressure due to the speed of the Elves and some crafty magic halting their ramming move 2″ from the Elven Battleship….

In the centre the Shroud Mage Battleship “Imperator” was taking a heavy toll on the Dwarf fleet destroying a number a Frigates and a Cruiser (six sixes in one firing bound shame it was only a Frigate in it’s sights!!!) whilst Darren’s Dragon Lords exchanged fire with the Dwarven Frigates on the Right.

As the clock ticked by the Elves forced the right flank getting behind the Orc fleet whilst in the centre the Dwarven Fleet was down to it’s Battleship and a couple of crippled Cruisers with the Dragon Lords poised to round the centre island.
The bad guy’s probably shaded it on the number of casualties inflicted but the Elves having turned the flank were in a strong position to turn the Screw and win the game in the long run.

A great game and good to see a large fleet action.

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