Sunshine Vs Wargames

April 19, 2010 in WW2

Well after last weekends bumper club, this weeks was a little modest with the good weather tempting gamers from their figures and out in to the fresh air and sunshine. We still saw a couple of Flames of War games, a game of Warhammer and I played in a WW2 game with the Operation Overlord rules and our 28mm figure collections.

A few photos;

Here is the table, we are playing across the table – an escalating engagement with reinforcements available during the game.

I had a plan, use the woods for cover and use the MG teams to keep the British heads down.

Almost in to the farmyard in the center.

My MGs were really inaccurate, Dane’s dice were as bad as we traded shots to no effect.

Well Dane’s luck has changed first, yes these figures are hiding behind the barn.

Trading fire across the woods, I was soon to lose the MG team just visible in the left corner.

Some bold advancing by the Germans, off camera a squad has taken a mauling from very accurate fire from Brens and Lee Enfields.

Over to Flames of War and 15mm. This is a cracking bocage table with British facing Germans here too, I didn’t have King Tigers though.

A great King Tiger model about to brew a couple of Shermans, both the King Tigers were lost later in the game due to heavy British artillery which is pretty true to life.

We have also fixed the dates of the next 3 all dayers, these will hopefully see some Flames of War tournaments and some big games for the rest of us.

  • Saturday 17th July 2010
  • Saturday 18th Sept 2010
  • Saturday 15th January 2011

    All of these Saturday games replace the normal Sunday games that weekend, the next club is Sunday 2nd May.

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