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Mark rips a hole in time and space

February 7, 2010 in Ancients, Firestorm Armada

A quietish night at the club this week with many having alternate plans, still three interesting looking games.Firstly another match up with Andy’s Germans meeting Carl’s Romans using the second edition of WAB.

German Cavalry

German Warbands

Allied Cavalry meet the Germans

The second game was a much belated outing for Firestorm Armada, here the Dindrenzi fleet have taken up defensive positions around the planet.


A close of of a Dindrenzi Cruiser.

Steve’s Aquan Prime ships are painted in a fantastic two tone blue which look even better in the ‘flesh’, here is a Poseidon class battleship and a Manta class battlecarrier.

A Dindrenzi cruisers engine explodes leaving a distortion field, basically a tear in time and space.

More Dindrenzi casualties as the Aquans start to bombard the planet.


See Steves blog for his battlereport, the link is here. All the Spartan games have some nice mechanics and are pretty easy to play – just the thing for for a club game night as games can be set up at the last minute and use a minimum of terrain. A variety of races give opportunity for players to build small fleets of their own without having to spend a fortune.

Dane and Chris gave the Napoleonic variant of Warmaster a go, with Russians face off against the French.

Zulu War – Battle of Inyezane Refight

February 1, 2010 in AAR, Colonials

Well the big day has come and gone.
But how did we stack up against events on the day?

On Saturday the Evesham Wargames Club Re-fought the Battle of Inyezane, not a bad effort for a club that 3 months ago had no figures for the Zulu War. Over 100 Brits and 500 Zulu’s in three months.
I am pleased to report a British Victory albeit like many a Zulu encounter a close run thing.

The British were ordered to cross the drift and push over the ridge line to capture or destroy the Zulu Kraal in order to limit the Zulu reinforcements in the area and whilst they were unable to push over the ridge by the end of the day, their steady fire was enough to inflict sufficient casualties on the Zulu army to shatter it as an effective fighting force.

The Zulu command was forced to attack the British line piece meal and whilst closed on several occasions the supporting fire from other British Companies was enough to drive them off.
Next stop Gingindlovu.

The View from the British River Crossing with the ridge rising in the centre and the Kraal seen to the top right right of the table.

Initial British Deployments with the 99th Foot and Native Horse crossing the Drift.
Natal Carbineers shield the Left Flank and escort the wagons.

The British on the Move.

The Zulu Right Horn emerges from the Ridge Line.

View from the British Lines.The Zulu Left Horn bursts from cover.
Whilst the Giraffe keeps right on chewing.
The British stand Fast with Naval Brigade and Artillery in Support.

View from the British lines as the attack develops.
The range markers were to prove invaluable in giving the British the extra bonuses to break the attacking Zulu’s.

The right horn closes with the British Flank.
Close ranges volley’s are able to inflict sufficent casualties to drive them off.

The chest charges for the British Centre only to be stopped by a combination of rifle fire, artillery and Machine Gun fire.

The final push by the Zulu Impi’s, Frontier Horse hold up the attacking Zulu’s before breaking them with a well timed charge.

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