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Sharp Practice – Adventures in Zululand

June 25, 2011 in Colonials, Sharp Practice

The latest club saw the first outing of our Zulu’s using the ToofatLardies – Sharp Practice rules (TSS). We have tried a couple of different rule sets over the pas 18 months but nothing quite hits the mark for me, we have an all dayer planned for September with multiple commands for the British. We wanted the Brits to have a bit of character, fighting off the Zulu against significant odds but also with a little room for scenario’s rather than just standing behind a barricade and blazing away.

The Scenario
Using a scenario generated from the Platoon Forward supplement.
A detachment of NNC and Cavalry have crossed into Zululand and have secured a Zulu cattle herd, however the local Zulu chieftain has sent his warriors to retrieve them, your platoon has been sent forward to support the NNC and Drive back the Zulu.

The Colonial command was split into two groups, the cavalry mustered on the hill top whilst the NNC held the valley with the cattle to their rear.
The colonial troops had to hold on until the British regulars appeared on table to save the day.


At this stage the first learn of the evening (we are going to need a bigger table…) Dane the Zulu commander had massed his warriors in a classic Zulu formation with Blinds on the left, right and centre of the Colonial command.

The Zulu to the front were spotted and rifle fire from the dismounted cavalry was able to slow the approaching Zulu so they could not close from their initial charge.


The NNC however were not so lucky, lacking suitable firepower and marksmanship they were swamped by the Aggressive Zulu’s with their big choppers… (I am thinking here about limiting the number of men fighting to say 3:1 in loose formation and 2:1 in line as 60 vs 10 seemed far to unfair…)

In the next bound the Cavalry fared little better, a number of Tiffin cards were drawn which allowed them to inflict some additional casualties on the Zulu but the cavalry number was to few and the Zulu to great. The next Zulu activation saw them wiped out to a man.


The melee had cost the Zulu a significant amount of shock which slowed their effectiveness and with the British Player finally arriving and firing a number of long range volley’s. The Zulu’s sort cover from behind the hills and rises to recover from the earlier engagement.


Another outing next week but the learns so far.
Moving Zulu at the Cavalry trot pace of +3 pips per dice might be a little to much?
Increasing the Zulu section to 15 allowed them to keep moving forward.
The new colonial cards seemed to work well, but we may need to provide the Zulu player with a handful at the beginning of the game.
Allowing the Zulu player to return to blind and splitting into two blinds seemed to create the right atmosphere of not knowing the Zulu’s true strength. We will need to increase the No. of leaders for the Zulu, the kill ration was rather high meaning a leader tended to be shot every time the Brits fired.
Using the TSS variant we need to load up the Brits with Experience and Belief to give them a fairer chance in hand to hand, at the same time limiting the number of men fighting should allow the Brits a chance to stay in play for more than one bound.

Looking forward to next week and the introduction of character traits to spice up the adventures in Zululand.

Chocks away!

June 21, 2011 in Aerial, Colonials, Flames of War, WW2

Another summer club night, this week we had two prospective new members, so welcome Kev and Dean and don’t forget to organise yourselves a game for next club.

Later in the year, we are having another all day game, with the Zulus getting another outing. We are planning a 12′ x 6′ game with lots of models and lots of players. Rules will again be Toofatlardies Sharp Practice amended to suit the period, another game to test the new card deck tonight.

On another table, World War Two continues to be refought with the popular Flames of War rules.

Finally we took the opportunity to bring out the hex mat and the Check Your 6! rules, a great set of rules and some great models from Raiden Miniatures.

Playing ‘The Swede’ scenario from the rulebook pits a lone pilot ace against three fatigued Zeroes, a great scenario to learn the rules. In the first near miss off the game the US Ace just managed to side step the zero but then fluffed his attack with his rear MGs.

The Dauntless takes out a Zero but takes damage from another, reducing it’s speed. Losing altitude the more robust Navy plane maneuvered it’s way out of trouble. Another Zero takes more damage and explodes, finally as the final Zero overtakes and turn round to fire on the Dauntless it flies off the board to bring about the end of the game and a draw.

5th June 2011

June 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

A few firsts this week with some new rulesets getting a first outing. First up is ‘Fast and Dirty Skirmish’ downloadable <a href=””>here</a>. Lots of homemade terrain and figures from <a href=””>Pig Iron.</a>

<img src=”” />

Dane and Chris brought their Napoleonic naval to the table, <a href=””>Langston Miniatures</a> 1/1200th scales ships and the <a href=””>Trafalgar</a> rules. The ships are truly works of art with tiny rigged sails.

<img src=”” />

Dane and Chris enjoyed the complexity and planning needing to gain an advantage over your opponent, as it is a little more involved than just moving up your ships and rolling dice until a ship got sunk.

Here is an in game shot. The game went in favour of the British but alas the French ships were sank rather than seized for their prize money.

<img src=”” />

On another table, Warriors of Chaos faced the new Tomb Kings in Warhammer Fantasy Battle. The game resulted in a crushing defeat of the Tomb Kings after 4 turns.

Finally a game of <a href=””>Malifaux</a>, an interesting game due to it’s diceless mechanics, steam punk based background and great figures. Played on a 3′ square playing square, it seems a great one for painters and terrain builders to make some great tables.

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