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Operation Market Larden

June 9, 2013 in Club Nights

Yesterday was Operation Market Larden! A day of gaming with the Toofatlardies presented by our club. Over 30 gamers along with Rich Clarke of TFL fame, played various games during the day and then finished if off with a curry and beer.

In this game, by club member Paul, British forces challenge French infantry for supply wagons in Sharp Practice.

An IABSM game based on a historical action, presented by another club member Ade.

The very popular Chain of Command demo run by Rich Clarke, This game was very popular and will doubtlessly get played at the club once it is released later this summer.

Nick Hawkins brought his ‘Diesel Punk’ air combat game which is being developed as part of the Lard Approved scheme.

Another possible Lard Approved game Tin Star by Geoff Bond.

Nick Overland presented I Ain’t Been Nuked Mum, his cold war adaptation of IABSM for the cold war.

Stuart and Mark, fellow Wyvern members put on a Russo Japanese war game using the Mud and Blood rules.

There was also a Dux Britaniarium demo table who saw some Saxons getting a brutal thrashing – some things don’t change.

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