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Chocks away!

June 21, 2011 in Aerial, Colonials, Flames of War, WW2

Another summer club night, this week we had two prospective new members, so welcome Kev and Dean and don’t forget to organise yourselves a game for next club.

Later in the year, we are having another all day game, with the Zulus getting another outing. We are planning a 12′ x 6′ game with lots of models and lots of players. Rules will again be Toofatlardies Sharp Practice amended to suit the period, another game to test the new card deck tonight.

On another table, World War Two continues to be refought with the popular Flames of War rules.

Finally we took the opportunity to bring out the hex mat and the Check Your 6! rules, a great set of rules and some great models from Raiden Miniatures.

Playing ‘The Swede’ scenario from the rulebook pits a lone pilot ace against three fatigued Zeroes, a great scenario to learn the rules. In the first near miss off the game the US Ace just managed to side step the zero but then fluffed his attack with his rear MGs.

The Dauntless takes out a Zero but takes damage from another, reducing it’s speed. Losing altitude the more robust Navy plane maneuvered it’s way out of trouble. Another Zero takes more damage and explodes, finally as the final Zero overtakes and turn round to fire on the Dauntless it flies off the board to bring about the end of the game and a draw.

March 20th, FoW and ACW

March 22, 2011 in AAR, ACW, Flames of War, Sharp Practice

A full house this week saw a good selection of games. Whilst 40K continues its run of games with 3 games this week, Wood Elves fought an all goblin army in Warhammer Fantasy Battle, on a historical front we had 15mm WW2 with Flames of War, WW1 Naval and 28mm ACW.

Andy and Chris played Flames of War and Chris gives us a quick battle report.

“The German force (Andy) had to hold the line against a determined British offensive (Chris C.) The British player starts with all 8 platoons on table while the Germans only had 3 initially, so a quick forward push while the Germans were weak was all that was needed. However, the British attempt was fool hardy and easily beaten off by the German AT platoon. The British lost their M10 platoon on the first turn and the Wasp Carrier platoon on the second turn. On the third turn the German reserves started to appear and it was all over before it started. Not a good day for the British and revenge for last week when the British were victorious over Andy’s German Panzer force.”

Over on another table, we put together a run through of the Terrible Sharp Sword rules for ACW. We did make some mistakes with the rules which we have ironed out for the next club.

Initially all the troops were represented on blinds, Union by cards and the Confederates in terrain. In the photo below we see the Union troops spreading out whilst some head up the road towards the bridge.

Confederate dismounted cavalry successfully spot advancing groups of Union troops and open fire from behind the cover of the tree line. They also manage to spot the advancing Zouaves forcing them off their blind.

Again the cavalry opened fire but disaster strikes as they roll more 1s than 6s causing a random event – in this case excess smoke builds up in front of the firer.

Union dismounted cavalry take advantage of their Sharps rifle to pore shots across the river towards their foe.

The union “big men” manage to combine groups and advance.

Confederate troops behind the tree line.

The Zoauves reach the bridge.

At this point we bring the game to a close, realising we all opened fire to soon, holding for the first volley is worth doing and shouldn’t be frittered away firing at long range. We also made a really stupid error with the rules which is far too embarrassing to reveal, none the less we are playing again next club.

Santa’s Onslaught Take 2 – Santa’s Sleighway – January 2010

November 5, 2009 in Flames of War

Santa’s Sleighway – January 2010

In January 2009 we ran a Late War Flames of War Tournament entitled “Santa’s Onslaught”. The aim was to run a friendly competition to give non-tournament players a taste of national competitions. Consequently I “borrowed” a standard tournament rules pack to give a “real feel” competitive experience. We also invited players from the Cheltenham Wargames Association to come along too.

Armies were Late-War and 1500pts or their relevant equivalent (e.g. British First Army get 1950pts, Soviet Guards get 1165pts, Canadians get 1760pts, etc.) made up from any one of the LW army books.

With a little manipulation an even number of axis and allied armies were provided so we could keep matches historical for the first two rounds. We also tried to make it Evesham v. Cheltenham so we could play people we don’t normally fight against. A “campaign” style approach to deciding attacker/defender for each round was also adopted so balanced armies would be at an advantage in some cases. The day ran something like this:

09:00 – 09:15 Registration

09:15 – 11:45 Round 1:

11:45 – 12:15 Lunch Break

12:15 – 14:45 Round 2:
If the “Allied” side is currently the points leader then they will be the attacker. If the “Axis” side is currently the points leader then they will be the attacker.

15:00 – 17:30 Round 3:
If the side that scored the most points in Round 1 also scored the most points in Round 2 then they press on with their attack. If the side that scored the most points in Round 1 subsequently scores the least points in Round 2 then play then roles will be reversed and they will now defend.

The day was a great success, results as follows:

Brian – Strelkovy with Tanks – 30, 59, 88

Andy – 2nd Panzers – 29, 41, 71
Chris R – Indian Rifles – 27, 59, 62
Rob – Fallschirmjager – 31, 34, 59
Carl – Strelkovy with Artillery – 3, 24, 52
Bob – Grenadierkompanie – 17, 28, 47
Mike – Strelkovy – 1, 33, 46
Larry – PzGren, 21st Panzers – 5, 15, 46
Alan – US Rifles – 18, 38, 45
Chris C – Infantry, 7th Armoured – 15, 37, 39
Richard – Grenadierkompanie – 14, 18, 22
James – 78th Sturmdivision – 2, 2, 3
The interclub tournament score was, Cheltenham 301: Evesham 279
Well done to the Cheltenham boys esp considering they were outnumbered 7 to 5!!!
Must be all that practicing they were rumoured to have done ;o)
Axis:allies result was 248 to 332 so it looked like history repeated itself on the wargames table – I always knew FoW was a good set of rules!

Points were calculated using the UK scoring system that was developed a couple of years ago in Mansfield:

The 32 Point Scoring System.

Each game has 32 points allocated between the two players.

Work out who is the winner of the game, this is the player who has fulfilled their mission objectives, or who has broken the enemy force consult the victory points table for the mission.

· If the winning player scores 7-0 (this is only included for completeness, it’s a very rare situation, you would have to be fighting against a German force picked from the Villers Bocage briefing using Wittman, kill Wittman, and not lose anything yourself) then the winner scores 32 tournament points.
· If the winner claims a 6-1 victory then they score 28 tournament points, plus or minus 1pt per the difference in the number of platoons destroyed to a maximum of 32 points or a minimum of 25 points.
· If the winner claims a 5-2 victory then they score 24 tournament points, plus or minus 1pt per the difference in the number of platoons destroyed to a maximum of 28 points or a minimum of 21 points
· If the winner claims a 4-3 victory then they score 20 tournament points, plus or minus 1pt per the difference in the number of platoons destroyed to a maximum of 24 points or a minimum of 17 points
· If the game ends in a draw, then the winner is the player who has destroyed the most enemy platoons, he scores 16 tournament points plus 1pt per the difference in platoons destroyed to a maximum of 18 tournament points or a minimum of 14 points.

The loser (or in the case of a draw the player who killed the least platoons) gets 32-winners score tournament points.

Both players’ score must add up to 32.

Uncle Sam plays Tommy Atkins at the end of the game Tommy has won the mission having lost one platoon of his own and having destroyed three platoons from Sams’ force. Because Tommy has won and only lost one platoon it is a 5-2 victory so Tommy gets a basic 24 tournament points plus an extra two bonus points for having killed two more platoons for a total of 26 tournament points. Uncle Sam gets 6 tournament points (32-26=6).

Ivan plays Heinrich and at the end of a hard fought game Ivan has broken Heinrichs’ force, killing two platoons but has lost four of his own platoons. This is worked out as a 4-3 victory for Ivan has he won the game but lost a lot of platoons, Ivan gets a basic 20 tournament points, but looses two points for the difference in platoon losses for a total of 18 points. Heinrich scores 14 tournament points (32-18=14).

In the event of a player getting a bye, they will get 26 tournament points or their average score so far if this is higher.

In all missions without the “Fair Fight” special rule the defender has a significant advantage if insufficient turns are played. If a game in one of these missions ends because of time out before seven complete turns have been played then the defenders winning margin is worked out on the 4-3 basis (that is they will score between 17 and 24 tournament points only). If seven or more complete turns have been played then work out the victory conditions as normal with the defender counting as the winner.

Santa’s Onslaught Take 2 – Santa’s Sleighway – January 2010

So we are going to do it all again!

There are now even more LW army list books plus loads of pdf files on the FoW website. The main difference will be an increase to 1750 points to squeeze in the plethora of big tanks available to all. The format will remain the same. Interested? Join the Yahoo group and reserve yourself a place.

Sunday 20th September

September 20, 2009 in Club Nights, Flames of War, VBCW

This weeks club saw 2 games of Flames of War, a game of Memoir 44 and another game in Stu’s British Civil War narrative which saw my Wargames Foundry Home Guard finally take the table. Whilst Stu prepares his game report here is a couple of shots from the night.

Over to you Stu.

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